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LT100 Lap Timer


Neat and simple the LT100 Lap Timer is not only the most reliable system on the market today, but also the most cost effective!


20% discount for 3 or more


* 0.01 Second Accuracy

* 100 Lap Memory

* Fastest Lap Feature (display flashes to indicate a new fastest lap)

* Powered by internal PP3 9 volt battery (forty hour battery life)

* Low Battery Indicator

* Compact Size - 100mm x 65mm x 23mm, 150gms weight

* 2 Year Parts and Labour Warranty

Track Day (switch operated) Version


The LT100 Lap Timer is an infra-red based system which displays the latest lap time to the driver. It is triggered by an infra-red beam
emitted by a beacon - usually located on the pit wall. Internal memory stores the first 100 laps which can be recalled when the driver
returns to the pits. A fastest lap feature is included where the display will flash when a new fastest lap is set.

The infra-red detector is a no-coded type which will pick up off any infra-red beacon. As most UK circuits have a beacon installed
(usually at the start of the pit wall) it is not usually necessary to purchase a beacon with the display. However, a beacon is available
if required for £35.00.

As the LT100 will pick up off any beacon a feature known as blanking is provided to filter out other beacons, if more than one is
present on the circuit. This works by setting the blanking time in the display to a figure below the fastest lap expected. Once the
display has been triggered, it will not accept another trigger until this blanking time has elapsed.

Lap Timer Instructions - INFRA-RED VERSION in Word format

TRACK DAY (manually operated) LAP TIMER VERSION

A manually operated version on the LT100 is offered. Instead of the timing being triggered by a infra-red sensor the timing is done by
the driver or rider pressing a button. This product is aimed at the track day market where the automatic timing is usually forbidden
As the button is mounted in a small rectangular box, it can be mounted on the steering wheel using Velcro.
This will enable the rapid installation of the system without the knowledge of officials.


Lap Timer Instructions - MANUAL VERSION in Word format


A Beacon is offered for customers who find themselves at a circuit where an infra-red beacon is not available. Being a non coded
beacon it will also trigger other manufacturers lap timers.

Powered by four AA batteries, battery life is in the order of 24 hours continuous use.


The LT100 is normally supplied with a 2.2 metre cable between the display and infra-red sensor. Versions are also offered for Karts
and Bikes with a shorter 0.5 metre cable. Please specify when ordering if the shorter cable is required. This is the only difference
between the car and kart/bike version.

By special order the cable can be supplied to any length.