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  DT-RL Digital Tacho with Maximum RPM Recall, 8 Shift LEDs, and Rev-Limiter



DT-RL Digital Tacho with Maximum RPM Recall, 8 Shift LEDs, and Rev-Limiter



* Digital Tachometer with Maximum RPM recall

* 8 LED Bar Graph Display for RPM (fully programmable for any RPM band)

* Rev-Limiter suitable for Single Coil Inductive Ignitions

* Compact Size - 100mm wide x 65 mm tall x 23 mm deep

* Adjustable LED Brightness

* Suitable for most 1,2,4,5,6 & 8 Cylinder Four Stroke Engines

* Price includes Wiring Loom

* 2 Year Parts and Labour Warranty



The DT-RL combines a Digital Tachometer, a series of 8 RPM Shift LEDs and Rev-Limiter in one neat display. Powered by the 12 volts from the car, it will function on most four stroke 1,2,4,5,6 or 8 cylinder engines with a single inductive ignition coil.

When a preset RPM is reached the Rev-Limiter function will cut the ignition, thus potentially preventing expensive engine damage. The range of the rev-limiter is between 5000 RPM and 10000 RPM. It can be set to within 100 RPM and has a very fast response time. The maximum RPM recall function can be used to confirm the maximum RPM reached. The Rev-Limiter is suitable for single coil inductive ignition systems fitted to most cars. The Rev-Limiter can not be used on CDI ignitions as fitted to some motorbikes. If unsure please enquire.

The tacho is extremely accurate, having a resolution of approximatly 5 RPM at 7000 RPM for a four cylinder engine.The maximum RPM can be recalled and is retained in memory after powerdown. To make the display easier to read in normal operation, the RPM is displayed to the nearest 50 RPM. When the maximum RPM is recalled, it is displayed to the full accuracy.

The 8 LED's can be programmed to start and stop at any RPM enabling them to function over a very narrow RPM band. The LED's are programmed from the display allowing very precise setting of the RPM at which the LED's are turned on.

It is supplied with wiring loom and full instructions. With just three connections, the unit is simple to install and programme.