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DT100 Digital Dash


All the race car essentials in one instrument


DT90 Digital Dash without Lap Timing £129
Pressure Sender £15
Temperature Sender £10


Infra-Red Lap Timer with 100 Lap Memory

* Digital Tacho with Maximum RPM Recall & RPM Tell-Tale Mode

* 8 Fully Programmable Shift Light LEDs with Separate Race Start Setting

* Oil Pressure Readout with Low Pressure Alarm

* Water Temperature Readout with High Temperature Alarm

* 2 Year Parts and Labour Warranty & Full Technical Support


How the DT100 WORKS

The DT100 Digital Dash consists small display (100mm x 65mm x 23mm) and separate electronics module. All wiring, including a mode switch and infrared pickup are wired into the module. An LCD displays either Lap Times, RPM, Oil Pressure or Water Temperature. The Mode Switch is used to scroll through the display, as well as setting up instrument.


The 8 Shift Light LEDs can be programmed to operate in any RPM band by setting the RPM for first LED and the step between subsequent LEDs. A separate setting can be used for race starts to help the driver keep within a lower RPM range. The RPM for the first LED is set and subsequent LEDs come on 100 RPM higher. After the start and revs rise, the Shift LEDs automatically revert to their normal settings.


The DT100 records the maximum RPM and can be recalled in the pits. In addition, a Maximum RPM Tell-Tale Mode is incorporated. In this mode the display shows the maximum RPM and the button instead of scrolling through the display, clears the maximum RPM on the screen. The oil and water alarms still function and override the screen if triggered.


The infra-red detector picks up off a beacon on the pit wall. As most UK circuits have a beacon installed (usually at the start of the pit wall) it is not usually necessary to purchase a beacon. However, a beacon is available if required for £35.00.

When a trigger is detected, the display initially displays the lap number for 3 seconds, then displays the lap time. This overrides whatever is on the display. Out on the circuit, the driver will normally use the Shift LEDs to judge gear changes and the display for Lap Times.

As the LT100 will pick up off any beacon a feature known as blanking is provided to filter out other beacons, if more than one is
present on the circuit. This works by setting the blanking time in the display to a figure below the fastest lap expected. Once the
display has been triggered, it will not accept another trigger until this blanking time has elapsed.

Up to 100 Laps are stored in memory and can be recalled in the pits.


When connected to the appropriate sensors, the display can show oil pressure and water temperature. Settings can be entered for low pressure and high temperature alarms. When an alarm is triggered, the display flashes an appropriate message and the LEDs also flash. In addition, there is an output which can drive a separate warming lamp.

No matter what is on the display, the alarms always function in the background. Pressing the mode button clears the alarm and the reading which triggered the alarm is displayed on the screen.

DT100 INSTRUCTIONS - in Word format