otto racing digital tachos with shift light and rpm recall    



  DT1 - otto racing digital tachos with shift light and rpm recall  



DT1 Digital Tacho with Maximum RPM recall, 2 Maximum RPM Tell-Tale features and 8 Shift LEDs



* Digital Tachometer with Maximum RPM recall - maximum RPM 19,999

* 8 LED Bar Graph Display for RPM (fully programmable for any RPM band)

* Adjustable LED Brightness

* 2 Maximum RPM Tell-Tale Features

* Suitable for most 2,4,5,6 & 8 Cylinder Four Stroke Engines

* Compact Size - 100mm wide x 65 mm tall x 23 mm deep

* 2 Year Parts and Labour Warranty


DT1 INSTRUCTIONS in Word format


The DT1 is a Digital Tachometer together witha series of 8 RPM Shift LEDs. Powered by the 12 volts from the car or bike, it will function on most four stroke 2,4,5,6 or 8 cylinder engines.

The tacho is extremely accurate, having a resolution of approximatly 5 RPM at 7000 RPM for a four cylinder engine.The maximum RPM can be recalled and is retained in memory after powerdown. To make the display easier to read in normal operation, the RPM is displayed to the nearest 50 RPM. When the maximum RPM is recalled, it is displayed to the full accuracy.

The 8 LED's can be programmed to start and stop at any RPM enabling them to function over a very narrow RPM band. The LED's are programmed from the display allowing very precise setting of the RPM at which the LED's are turned on.

The DT1 comes with full setting up instructions and technical support is offered. The unit is simple to install and programme.